Resolving Buying Issues

Sometimes your sale might not go through as smoothly as we would hope. If, for example, the buyer doesn’t pay for their item, the best first step is to contact the buyer directly to try to resolve the issue.

Our top priority is to make sure MonsterGila is a safe marketplace. We are always ready to step in to help if you can’t resolve an issue with a buyer directly or if you think a buyer violated one of MonsterGila’s policies.

You can block problematic buyers from buying your items. Read our guides below to learn how to contact a buyer, how to report issues, and how to block a buyer.

Contacting a buyer

When you’re selling on MonsterGila, you might sometimes need to get in touch with a buyer. Depending on whether they’ve already purchased an item from you, or have just bid on one of your listings, you’ll be able to contact them in slightly different ways.